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Friday, October 23, 2015

Why did you do it!

So the new installation of Fatal Frame is coming out soon on the WiiU.  I was looking forward to it since I really really like the series.  But nintendo decided to go and do something pretty weak.  The game has a couple bonus outfits, these being bikini's.  Heres the pics..

That second one looks pretty excellent what with the whole gothic flavour to it.  Now some people, mainly westerners, look at these and straight out scream sexist.  Sure, pointing out that this is something they've been doing for years in many games wont change anything, same with pointing out many male characters get their own bonus swimwear or other strangely unsettling skimpy outfits in other games.  Also ignoring that these outfits are made for fun.  But yeah, todays society just see this and OMG forget that, its got to be banned.    So now we've got this to replace it with...

OH GOODIE!  A Samus outfit.  I'll still play the game, but its a sad day when swimwear needs to be censored in a video game.  I'd like that to sink in a little.  SWIMWEAR gets banned.  FULL BODYSUIT WITH NO SKIN SHOWING gets the pass.   Looking forward to when they start trying to get beaches with swimmers censored from games.  That might sound a little too far out there and stupid, but if someone told you a bonus swimwear outfit would be censored from a video game 10 years ago, you'd have probably laughed.

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