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Monday, December 28, 2015

Another Christmas Done

So my chirstmas was great!  I stayed in my room and avoided all family gatherings!  Fucking PRO!  Then again I do this every year and I plan to keep doing it.  I enjoy my solitude.  Like, really really enjoy it.  I did have something I planned to upload on christmas for you all but that unfortunately got delayed till next week.  I'm absolutely dying to show it off though.  Going to be a blast when I finally get it uploaded.

So right now there are storms here because its the monsoon season.  Lots of storms, lightning, thunder, rain,WIND!  I adore the storms, they make me deliriously happy.  Always did since I was a kid.  Some of my most happy memories were inside watching some cartoon while the storm was raging outside and it was dark in the afternoon from the clouds.  My poor mum hates storms so much.  She's absolutely petrified of them.

A few years back the next door neighbours tree fell during one of these storms and destroyed out lemon tree.  Our tree was HUGE!  We would fill up dozens of bags with the lemons it produced.  And it would make some big ones too.

Theres the original in all is glory.  Sadly the neighbours house at the back has a huge tree.  You see it towering there.  During one of these storms it fell and destroyed our lemon tree.  Dad was pretty sad over this.  Him and the neighbour spent the day cutting the big tree up and getting rid of it.

So since then dads been growing a second tree.  Its not too big yet but its coming along just fine.  Its chest high now and going strong.  But as luck should have it, GUESS WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK!!

His other tree came crashing down.  The lemon tree is a little to the left of it.  And by a little I mean 1 finger span left.  The tree JUST missed it.  My dad was like WTF when he saw the tree.  But he was happy it wasnt destroyed too.  The neighbour is on holiday so I'll have to show him the photo when he gets back for his enjoyment.  He'll feel pretty bad that it happened again.  I mean whats the odds.  This never happens and then BOOM!  Twice from one house.  Good news is, hes got no more trees on that side.  So our lemon tree can grow without fear!  A true christmas miracle!

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