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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ethan Carter part 3

I wish youtube wouldnt screw my videos with its weird smeary compression.  At least it looks fine when its not full screen.  Wish I knew how other channels managed to get their clips to not look crap.  Maybe it hates fraps.  I'll have to experiment with something else.


  1. You're still using Fraps? Damn man. Use Xsplit. The Free version is good enough. Literally saves you gigs of space.

    1. I'll test it out. Tried to find some comparison videos but all the idiots on youtube are using minecraft as the example game. Cause thats real bloody helpful when looking for quality in compression. I've messed with a few programs in the past but all had issues that affected my editing in some way. But yeah, I'll test it out.