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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Haunted Forest Part 4! Plus 7 Hours Later 1

Super slack, forgot to put the haunted forest one here.  So I'll just put both together.


  1. Hey man you guys ever think about playing town of Salem together? It's a awesome game that I think you guys would enjoy

    1. I've had a look online for it. Looks like its a pay game on steam but the free browser version is around still and works the same. Looks kind of weird but interesting. I'll mention it to Austin and Jed and see what they think. Could be fun for sure. Thanks!

    2. For sure man i think it really great you take suggestions from fans. You don't see that a lot from youtubers I think it's cool as hell

    3. I guess some youtubers do too much work to fit other stuff in, and other ones are just too snobbish for their own good. But yeah I'm always open to suggestions for sure. Unless it costs money then its something for the future or maybe not at all since money is a massive issue for me cause not working. I'd laugh and cry lol