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Friday, January 27, 2017

Oh So Brilliant

Lets see... Oh yes.  This is to let you all know that Jed and myself have been working on a comic.  BUT CON!!  I hear you shrill!  We already know you were both working on a comic!  There are some pages linked on the blog!!

Yes this is true my delicious little tramps.  However we've decided to turn that into a proper comic.  None of this 3-4 panel web comic shit.  Its going to be a proper comic full of adventure and romance!  And by romance I mean there will be cleavage.  Its going to have those two same characters and some of the panels we put up will be reused and incorporated into this new format.  But there will also be some changes.  We're hoping to get to around 40-50 pages before we look it over and decide if we're happy with it before we start showing it off.  Obviously this will take a while depending on how slack I am and how busy Jed is.  But fingers crossed it goes well and we dont lose interest like last time.

I also finally went out and bought a new light for my room.  I'll be installing it sometime next week.  Hopefully It'll give me much more light.  Maybe my webcam will like it more and I might use it now and then.  And I finally got my Skeletor statue out on display.  Heres a dodgy photo of it.  I'll be making a video of it a little down the ways with some proper high quality photos and putting it onto the patreon.  I absolutely love it.  Wish it was larger though because it would really show off all the insane detail.  It's about 21" tall, although thats the tip of the staff..  The head is probably around 17-18".  It's still a great size.  I look forward to getting Evil Lyn and putting her next to him!

Thanks for reading!  Feel free to leave abusive messages for Jed.  I know I do.

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