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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Current update

So my job was supposed to end this friday and then I'd be able to go back to playing 3 days a week with the others and streaming more.  But yesterday a different part of the government poached me so I'm signed up for another 3 months.  Not complaining, as if I play my cards right I should be able to save up enough for a disney world trip next year!  Which means some videos created of the holiday with Jed, Austin and Jonna and Cody and maybe not all of them I dont know, all depends how free they are at the time.  I'm sure we'd have plenty of time to organize it.  But yeah fingers crossed.

Theres a chance they might keep me longer but that depends n whether they can fit a new position in OR if the girl whos job I'm taking over decides to come back from her sudden almost 2months holiday that she told noone about and cant be contacted either.  You'd think they'd fire her right?  Oh no.  Lets wait and see if she still wants her job.  pffffffft.

Other side news, Jeds wife is in hospital getting her appendix out.  Shes been running a high fever while there but I'm sure everything will go ok because it pretty much has to.  When its all said and done I dont think the hospital bill will cheer him up either.


  1. I stumbled across your videos again on YouTube and forgot how entertaining they were. Good to see you are still keepig the internet world entertained

    1. Thanks! Need to push myself to do it since I pretty much dislike youtube. Going to have a L4D compilation up probably next week on the LWS channel since I've practically ditched mine. Hope things are good with you!

    2. I shall seek out this new chanel and subscribe :D
      Things have been pretty good. I start working as a nurse next year which will be interesting and scary haha. I'm hoping to specialise in either surgical or critical care