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Friday, December 2, 2011


So stuff has been all over the place lately.  Some annoying stuff, some decent stuff, nothing spectacular though.  I have a few videos I hope to upload soon.  Some others that are way over due and starting to give me the feeling they're cursed.  Jed and I got a new ventrilo server to see how it goes since steam is horribly lagged in voice support now days.  Sadly its a bit dodgy too.  First day we used it the thing was fine.  Yesterday when we used it there was a 2 second delay, which wouldnt go away no matter what servers we switched to.  Useless world.

For now though I saw this cool video that shows off an add-on for some browsers for youtube.  It basically shows how a bar under each video in the recommended list on the right with green and red to represent positive and negative votes.  So you can avoid all the really crap clips without needing to click on them.  The links to the add-ons for some of the browsers are in the description of the clip below.  I seriously cant use youtube again without this.


  1. That's funny, because I put it on before I read this. Damn useful.

  2. Golly Gee! that video rlly does make Youtube look a shite load better!!!!