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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 cometh!

Years about to end and a new ones about to hit!  For me it'll be in about 5 and a half hours.  So for everyone in America I'll be able to tell you what the new year will be like since I'm technically in the FUTURE.  From the looks of it it'll probably be raining.

I recently started watching Merlin, a tv show from the UK about Merlin and Arthur when they were younger.  So far I'm enjoying it.  Has a similar feel to another series I watched called Legend of the Seeker.  That show was brilliant.  The interesting thing about that one was its based off a book series, but the tv series is very heavily censored.  I know of most of the stuff that were removed and to be honest I have zero issue with it.  It ended up making the show into a great adventure.  Unlike Game of Thrones which is extremely faithful to the book series, something I was very pleased with as I love the books series.

So anyway, this year I plan to start looking for work again as it looks like my cat SHOULD be ok now.  I can happily shift my thoughts away from him instead of constantly keeping an eye on him.  Got very stressful.  With luck I'll be working again by the end of the month.  With more luck some rich person gives me a million lol.  Jeds probably trapped between multiple fat women at his job.  Send him your love with smirks!

 Have a good new year!


  1. lol being in Singapore, I'm technically in the same time as you.

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Happy New Years Mr Con and Mr Jed :)

  3. i hate u ur ahead of me in time but of course get 2 live longer lol lulululululululululu tell me wat will happen at 1245 jan 2nd