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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Introducing the Source Filmmaker

So many exciting things have been announced lately! I want to start with one that makes me little nerd heart the happiest! 

We all know what Wifi is right? We see signs posted for it, connect to it, are often aggravated by the speeds and range of it ect ect. The article at the link above is so awesome. Imagine a wifi connection as fast as 2.56TB a second. Right now the newest standardized wifi formate is 802.11ac. Which is capable in theory to send 5GB a second. Thats impressive to us now but in comparison to 2.56TB. Its a laughing joke. 

The other thing I wanted to talk about is the Source Filmmaker. When I got to watch their promotional video on this I was floored. Imagine that while you was playing a game you could save a reply of that match. Not a 2D video recording but the entire match as how the server seen it. Every 3D object, movement of players, round fired, ect. Then you could play it back. Move about the entire level like a god and watch whoever you wanted. Thats pretty much one of the MANY abilities Source Filmmaker offers. 


  1. ...that is pretty damned epic.

    1. Ha! Its awesome. Eat your heart out Origin.

    2. Too bad I makes sprites not videos. If it's more advanced than spriting I avoid. xD Still, the right person could make an epic video with this.