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Friday, June 29, 2012

Silly friday

So the other day I had a very cool experience.  I was outside with my cat at around 4am as he had to to go the toilet.  I always chaperone him in case there are any other cats around and he decides to get into another fight and cost me another 4 grand.  So I'm outside, the air is very crisp and cold at this time of year, and jupiter and venus are super bright in the sky at the moment.

So I'm standing there happily and directly behind me I hear what I can only describe as a low guttural growl.  I dont scare easily.  I mean I practically walk in the dark not caring.  But I absolutely shit myself and spun around.  At first I thought maybe its a dog, but at the same time I knew that sound was so totally not a dog.  It was unnerving.  And totally unique.  Easily the first time I've been scared in over a decade.  I'd be lying if I didnt enjoy it.  So that was pretty cool.

But for now heres a couple random pictures.  Me and my alien statue, and also a new head gear a friend bought me.  It fits.  I'll admit I felt a little Derek Zoolander coming out, but I suppressed the magnum.  It would of been too powerful.


  1. You must find out what the growl was :P I spent a good hour to find out I'd been hearing a fox bark when I thought someone in the woods was screaming in pain.

    1. Considering the sound came from just behind me head and the closest dog was about 30 yards away, I'll file it under 'toilet paper'.

    2. Alright, do I want to know why toilet paper would growl at someone?

    3. I may be using the wrong brand

  2. They're the same look! Doesn't anyone notice this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! Don't be afraid to show off Magnum.

  3. /random but I just realized why there can never be a Meet Jed. ...because there already is a Meet Jed and it's a true horror story, and nothing like Jed o.o Just had to say something. (first on google search when you google Meet Jed)