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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Do Wee Cha Gee!!

Man oh man. I have been pretty packed lately. So much I need to catch you guys on. And I will! But really I want to show you all something. Do any of you recall when I posted about this? (See below.)

Yeeeeeeah. You all remember this baby! Its awesome. Its sexy. Its BLUE! Well guess what. For a reason I wont share with you all now, Con surprised me yesterday with a package. Now sometimes I get random things from Mr. Con. Like a box to mail off for him to a different location ect. These are things I do not mind doing for a friend. But sometimes he really surprises me with a unexpected and unannounced present.

Check it! I don't know why Con is the great person he is but he really went out of his way and got me this celebration gift. And let me tell you it looks awesome in real life. Mmmm! So this post is less about me showing off my awesome new Samus Aran figure but instead a front page thank you to Con. I don't know why you do all the things you do, but its something I will never take for granted. I hope one day I can return my friendship with just as much generosity.


  1. Good friends are good :P Only wish I were that lucky sometimes, heh.

  2. Aww, that's actually quite touching :D You're lucky you have each other, such friendships don't happen every day.

  3. That's really sweet to read, honestly. I'm so happy I've kept this blog on my favorites (even though I've never really done much else than lurk and comment anonymously occasionally). Any time I'm having an off day I'll pop by over here and you two never fail at making me feel much better. You guys are seriously two of the most fantastic people and even though I found you through old funny L4D videos I'm really happy I stuck it out when you guys had that little spell when nothing was really posted. It made me look past the two funny gamer guys to see the two funny people behind it. Keep up the awesomeness you two, I'll definitely be lurking around to watch :)