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Monday, July 16, 2012


So Comic-con finished and my friends off to Vegas for a week before coming back here.  He grabbed a shitload of commissioned art from the convention too.  An obscene amount.  I was only getting 2 done which I had paid for over a month ago.  I'd specifically kept some money aside for it.  So out of the 2 I'm frustrated to say only 1 got finished.  The other one the artist didnt have time to finish it off and plans to completely it when he gets home and mail it to me.  What pisses me off the most is I paid in advance and he knew my idea long before the convention started.  While people who rocked up to the convention got theirs done no problem.  Fucking furious to be honest.

The other one didnt come out exactly as I'd hoped, but its fine as is.  Sadly I only had a really crappy quality picture that my friend sent from his ipad.  The detail wont show up too well and its a little warped cause the camera is shit.  Not a fan of the cameras on the ipads/iphones.  They're dodgy.  So heres a crappy pic of it, wont be able to get a good one till he returns and scans it in.  Its of Starscream smashing his hand into the ground Unicron style with Megatron between his fingers, by the official Transformers comic artist Livio Ramondelli.

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  1. It's why I don't commission much, I'm far too picky. Only once have I done a commission and had it turn out amazing. But then, I'd stalked the artist's deviantART and knew she could do it perfectly. $15 for a gorgeous, large drawing of my fursona, was worth it.