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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MSN being shut down

So today I found out something annoying.  Microsoft will be shutting down its MSN servers and merging them with Skype.  We'll be given the option to merge our contact lists by porting over our MSN profile.  I have two separate friends lists.  I wanted to keep them separate.  I also used MSN because it would tell me when I got a new email, and I dont want to start hooking up my phone and other crap for this.

I've read that they plan to merge some features together, so hopefully this means they also plan to update the interface because its pretty dodgy for chatting.  I hate how they changed the contacts list on the side with the chat list.  Annoys me to no end.  Oh well, this will be happening sometime qtr 1 of next year so a little while to go.  A few months really.

My sickness is finally leaving.  Doctor said this sinus infection should only last another week or so when I spoke to her back on friday or whenever it was.  Today I've only had to cough a handful of times instead of all day, so I'm getting there.  Time to start applying for jobs again.


  1. Really now?! D:<
    I find Skype highly annoying...

  2. Sigh...

    Money money money. If my e-mail wasn't hotmail for EVERYTHING I'd change to something non-money-grubbing.