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Friday, November 9, 2012

Youtube BAH!

 Just noticed its been a while since I uploaded any videos.  I swear I'm starting to lose interest in youtube.  I just rather play games without the hassle of editing and uploading.  Since Jeds without internet for a looooooooong while theres very little multiplayer I do, so all my clips would be single player.  And thats the part I never can get passed.  I dont find single player videos to be entertaining at all.  I dont see why people would bother watching.  Going by the views of the borderlands clips I uploaded as a test, its pretty much accurate to what I believe.  Semi pointless.And thats not even single player either lol.  I'll see how I feel but probably should edit some crap.

I do have an older L4D map I'd like to upload but Jed has been unable to get me his clips for it so it would just be all from my point of view, which is why I dont want to upload it.  I wouldnt care as much but theres one spot where its just glorious from his point of view and I want that badly.

I saw this today and thought I'd share it.  Its a new type of cred card that has a keypad on it.  Sounds dodgy to me and I hope my bank doesnt ever go down this path.

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  1. I finally found a video w/ Austin UNDENIABLY swearing. I feel pretty content about this. He is no longer "above" it. :P