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Monday, September 1, 2014

How can you be this stupid

So last week I took my camera back for a second time and told them to send it off for repairs because it came back with the same issues but worse somehow.  Today I get a phone call and its from the store.  The guy asks me if I'm still wanting to send it off for repairs, or swap it for a new camera and pay for their warranty again, which gets automatically cancelled out once I swap it for a new one.  A warranty that I have yet to use as I'm still in the manufacturer first year default warranty.  I was pretty pissed.  Told him it should of been sent off 4 days.  Why are they annoying me so much over this.  We'll see how it comes back this time.

My mum also informed me that a relative of ours from greece is moving here to look for work.  And that he would be moving in with us for a couple months.  Furious isnt even a good description of how I feel over this.  I gave her an earful since she said a while back he wouldnt be staying here.  I can already see all my spare time vanishing as I try to accommodate him and entertain him with stuff.  Thanks mum.  You're a fucking champ.

This morning was pretty freaky.  At about 4am I heard the neighbours smoke alarm going off.  I went outside and there was smoke everywhere.  Grabbed my flashlight and shone it across the house but couldnt see any signs of fire.  I heard them wake up and moving around, but since there were no alarmed cries I figured it couldnt be them.  Not with this much smoke.  I couldnt see any fire anywhere and the street was thick with it.  If you can recall silent hill, think that.  Super creepy.  Well the evening news showed there was a fire but pretty far and in the dense bushland.  The smoke from it though covered the entire northern suburbs.  Luckily I had no plans to go anywhere.  It cleared up by the early afternoon though so that was good.

A friend of mine sent me this today.  Found it funny.

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