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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Jack the Ripper solved!

So says the guy who compared DNA from blood found on a shawl of one of the victims and the blood of a descendent of the supposed killer and came up with a perfect match.  Its pretty amazing as this guy was one of the suspects too.  Aaron Kosminski is his name.  Plenty of articles around with more details about it but thats pretty much the basics.  It's unreal that they could manage his.  Nice for me as last year I went through a huge Jack the Ripper binge regarding articles, games, and movies etc.  I'd been interested in it in the past but never went into full detail.  Kind of like my World War 2 period the year before.  Sat through some unbelievable documentaries,  I still have a few on my shelf to catch up on.

I remember watching a documentary the other year about how this guy claimed the Ripper left england and went to america, and traced his steps with his supposed evidence etc.  It never really fit for me but he was pretty confident.  I mean he got it on tv.  Also loved the Sherlock Holmes game which decided to focus on the jewish theory, but Aaron is of heritage.  But yep, there you have it.  I'll admit a part of me isnt completely convinced, though could be because once the mystery is gone then the romance of it all is too.  But you cant argue with DNA.  I look forward to the movies they make from this.


  1. Do you remember the names of some of the documentaries?

  2. I'm not sure if you're referring to the Ripper documentary or WW2 ones so I'll give both. The Ripper one I'm not too sure if it was called just Jack the Ripper or Jack the Ripper in America. It was a Discovery Channel documentary.

    The WW2 ones I'll give you a couple links for. The one I saw was the BBC History of World War 2.. 12 DVDs all up. The first few are good, but the latter ones are unbelievable, when the focus on the Germany and Japanese side. Some absolutely heart breaking stories since many survivors from then are telling their stories. It's heart wrenching.

    The one I havent watched yet but have seen it listed as one of the best around is the american version, The World at War, 11 dvd set.

    Recently I got my hands on another mini series from, I think, the history channel. Its called The World Wars, only just came out on bluray. It focuses on Stalin, Hitler and Churchill when they were soldiers in WW1. The production looked brilliant. Need to find the time to sit through it.

  3. The last one you talked about sounds cool too.