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Friday, February 27, 2015

RE Revelations 2 Part 1

So I've gone and done this game without actually expecting to play it at all.  I'm not a big fan of the series since it turned into an actionfest.  I haven't really done much recording from the consoles but Royce recently bought an Elgato and used that to record this.  Pretty cool little machine for sure.  This is the xbox360 version.  Obviously I would have preferred to play the PC version.  But chances of me getting that would of been zero.  Neither of us have a proper mic to record with either, just our headsets.  And that wouldnt of worked for this.  So we decided to experiment a little and see how the phone recording us sounded like.  If it worked then good.  If not then delete the gameplay and not bother making another attempt.  With a little fiddling with the equalizer, I think I got the sound of the voices pretty good.  So hurrah for that experiment.  I'd prefer to use a proper mic like the blue yeti, but I can't afford shit.

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