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Friday, February 20, 2015

This is a title

I've been neglecting this blog pretty hardcore of late.  Mainly because of distractions and lack of will in caring about it.  I'll put up a few things that have been happening lately though.  I'll start off with the bad and work towards the good!

My dads been in hospital for the past week or so.  He was having trouble keeping food down and kept throwing it up, which left him pretty weak and dehydrated.  This can be pretty dangerous for him since hes only got 1 kidney.  So it would be working overtime.  So after a week of back and forths with the ospital, and very limited sleep for me, they finally figure out whats caused it.  The little opening from the stomach to the intestines had clogged itself up.  This was something that had been building up for years from an operation he had a couple decades ago that didnt go correctly.  He had a similar problem back then and the surgeon didnt make the hole large enough, so now it went and clogged itself.

While that in itself isnt a super hardcore issue, the fact that hes 70 made it slightly trickier, plus they decided to make a new opening so it would be larger.  So you can sort of think of it similar to a heart bypass.  It was a pretty big operation.  It's been a week since then and he seems to be doing much better.  But hes still linked up to a bunch of tubes and stuff for pain/nourishment/etc.  Over the next couple weeks they're going to slowly give him a little bit to swallow, from jelly all the way to something more substantial, and see how long it takes for his stomach to understand theres a new opening for it to use.  Probably will take a few months for him to fully get back, but at least things are looking good.  Certainly a crapload of stress that we've had over the last couple weeks has been lifted some.

I've been selling off a few things of mine over the past couple months on ebay.  Hadn't really used it before, cant say I've enjoyed the crap place too much either.  Had some decent buyers, and a stupid one.  Sold off my chessboard that came with Shogun 2.  Didn't want to, but it was taking space and I really really need to pay off my credit card since I'm not working yet.  Any rich people reading this feel free to donate something o at the very least adopt me.  I come with my own pillow.

I've been trying to keep my spending tendencies on the low down.  And thats the low part of the low.  But the other day I came across a 12 movie DVD set of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.  I grew up watching those two, massive fan, and this set had some movies I'd not seen before, plus the old favourite Watch Out We're Mad.  And the thing was only $20.  I couldnt say no.  My dad will definitely want to watch these when he gets out.

My brain has also been flooded with a bunch of GI Joe episodes over the past few months.  I never watched them as a kid but now I'm catching up.   Theres some brilliant shit in there.  Too much fun.  I think I only have 1 season left and then its full speed into the old 80s Transformers tv show.  I used to watch them way back but I know theres probably a few episodes I've missed, so cant wait to watch them.  

Theres another thing I'd like to mention regarding Jed, but I think I'll let him make the post for that.  Huge knews for him.  I'll see about trying to get him to make a post.  He's lazier than me.

And finally heres me wearing an Ariel mask.  Pretty hot right.

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