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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Screw you wifi

So yesterday I came home and was screwing around with my phone when I noticed wifi wasnt connected.  This happened a couple times in the past so I didnt think much of it.  Reset my phones wifi.  Still nothing.  Put it into plane mode and back, nope.  Nothing I did made it work.  So I went to the router where my wifi box is connected to.  Wasnt turned on.  I'm thinking ok thats not what I was expecting..  Then I noticed the cable was pulled over the top of it.  Cables are usually around the back.

Anyway long story short, the stupid thing was broken.  My parents also claimed they never touched the cable.  I'll just file that one under GHOST then.  I'm not really in the area of being able to toss money towards a new one but the needs dictate the paths.  So now I've bought one and just waiting for it to arrive since all the fucking stores here had NOTHING.  Hopefully when it comes the thing isnt broken.

Speaking of things I shouldnt be buying isnce I'm broke, I finally snapped after looking at something for the past year or whatever it is.  I never buy this sort of stuff but I loved the look.  Tharja from Fire Emblem.  She wasnt too much and I'm sick to death of missing out on heaps of stuff I like.  If you look at the bottom right you'll see a little red cape.  Thats Thors.  I like to think at night while I'm sleeping hes trying to sweet talk her.  Cause hes like that.

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