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Friday, May 8, 2015

Useless Government

Theres a thousand things I could complain about regarding the idiots running my country, but the latest one is just beyond stupid.  It started off as the Netflix tax.   We just finally got netflix here and the government noticed how popular it is compared to our overpriced cable.  Clearly the bastard that runs everything, a Mr Cuntface Murdoch, had a word with them and they decided to put in all the streaming servies that just started up along with netflix to a 10% tax.

So what could they do to make things even shitter?  This netflix tax is now going to all digital media.  Thats right, Steam games are getting a 10% boost in price.  Like fuck off seriously.  We already have the legendary 'Aussie Tax' on Steam for certain stuff.  All games from Bethesda, Activision, Sega and some others are more than the american price.  Grand thef Auto 5 for example is $75.  Black Ops 2, $90.  And this isnt $90 our currency.  No!  This is $90US.  So we pay this overinflated amount plus a fee to have our currency changed to US so we can buy it.  All for the excuse that local stores are losing out on sales.   Local stores stock 90% console games for one.  Second, even with this bullshit tax, buying it online will still be cheaper than our rip off stores.

Thankfully other sites dont seem to be doing this since our government probably thinks Steam is the only online pc digital store around.  Sickening.

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