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Friday, May 1, 2015

Tip for making nVidia cards run better

This totally surprised.  I'm sure the performance boost will vary depending on your system.  But for me I saw a massive boost.  Using Mortal Kombat X as an example, if I play it normally the thing is fairly smooth on most maps but not all.  But if I try to record the game with fraps the entire thing becomes a jittery mess.  It seems to either drop a little too much or some things affecting it weirdly.  With this little tip I must of raised my systems performance enough that now when I record the game is extremely smooth.  Plus the Sky temple stage that runs like a whore by default is a lot more smoother but still jittery.  But a definite improvement.

So whats the tip?  nVidia has a streaming ability that everyone should know by now.  Problem is it seems to always be on and this is taking some power away from the gpu and cpu.  Disabling this is super easy.  Heres what you do..

Head to that link and you'll see 3 screenshots.  The third screenshot you get to that window by rightclicking on the thing in the second screenshot and selecting properties.  After that you're done.  Extremely simple and will affect your system positively.

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