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Friday, June 26, 2015

Absolutely wonderful

So today, I dont even know how it even happened, my awesome Cthulhu canvas got damaged.  Not a small bit, but a disgusting long line around 8 inches I'd guess.  There were a couple other lines that I managed to patch up easily, but they were across one area of the same colour.  This one...its just all over the place when it comes to colours.  I cant repair this.  Going to ask around some of the painting stores if they know places that do canvas painting repairs.  My two worries is how much will they charge me, and can they do it well.  This isnt something I can afford at the moment either but I'm furious this got damaged.  I dont even know how this happened.  I'm super careful with all my shit.  Heres a picture of my shame.

And what it used to look like before I managed to screw it all up.

I dont know how it happened.  But I'm taking the blame for it before it was in my room and fuck knows.

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