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Monday, June 22, 2015

The Fire Inside

Last week on monday I decided to get myself this curry dish from a place I like but rarely get to eat at because of never having the energy to get there early enough.  I was there early this time and thought good going con you legend.  So I got my food and headed home.  Jed had logged on about the time I got back so I told him to wait while I finished my food quickly.

Now when I eat I generally do it at a leisurely pace.  I dont eat fast.  But seeing we only ever have an hour or two max once or twice a week at best, I couldnt do that.  Nor could I put the food away for later because it just wouldnt be the same after.  So I destroyed it in under 5min.  I got comfortable at my computer and had a drink of water after.  We finished gaming and all was well.

At least it should have been.  Later that night I couldn't hold back.  Straight to the toilet!  And this process repeated itself every hour or so for another 8-9 times.  Now I'm unsure if it was food poisoning because the food wasnt fresh, or if it was the amount of concentrated curry powder and other crap I tasted in it and eating nothing else that day.  I used to be able to do this in the past but I guess thats not how things work now.  Still, it was unusual..  I went to the doctor that morning to see if he could give me something to sort it out as I hadnt been able to sleep.  I had to time my visit there so I was home before the next explosion.  I got my prescription, went home, and ate the pills.  For the next 8-9 hours nothing.  It was wonderful.  And then it came crashing down once again.

Boomboomboom every hour.  I was up to 15-16 times.  So sooooooooore.  And then by afternoon it stopped.  The pills seemed to finally be taking effect for good.  Those 3 days were murderous.  I probably only had about 3-4 hours sleep the entire time.  On the 4th day I slept till late afternoon.  It's been exactly a week since and I'm back to full strength.  But that was a hellish period that I dont want to experience ever again.  Now I'd like to mention I've had curry dishes twice before that over the past couple months, both at different places, and nothing happened.  However in the past when I had a similar experience, though not as cataclysmic but close to it, was from this same place.  So whether its the freshness of the food or the amount of pure spice they put into their food, I plan to do the smart course of action and stay clear of them.  My stomach is not suited to their excessive seasoning.  Nor is my arse.

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