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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mechanics can suck my damn toes

I've mentioned in the past my car troubles and my eternal quest to fix the issue.  I've gone through 4 different mechanics who were highly talked of, and then in the end took it to my cars dealership since they should know how to fix their own fucking car.  First they tried acting all knowledgeable by pointing out that the computer in my car, its little black box, had been wiped by the previous mechanic and so they wouldnt be able to pin point the issue quickly.  I was all like ok I understand that.  They did some tests and found 2 of the engine valves were cracked and letting in air, or something of the sort, and this would cause the car to just switch off because it wasnt firing properly or WHATEVER.  I nodded cluelessly and paid them the $2200 to fix it.

So I got the car back and tested it some.  After a few days it did the same thing again.  It did it multiple times.  So a few days ago I called up and took it back in.  The guy originally said that if the problem is still there and linked to what they did then it wouldnt cost anything to repair again.  Absolute rubbish.  First I got some new guy who said I would be charged $180 for them to look at it.  I said no, its doing the same thing as before.  The guy said yes but its standard policy.  I said no again.  He asked this other girl who in turn said its policy.  I told them firmly no, I was told by such and such.  They go and speak to the original guy and hes all like yeah wave it off.  So I leave thinking yay.  He calls me later in the day and tells me they cant find a fault with it and I would have to pay them by the hour until they figured it out.

Now I'm furious.  I said I'd call him back.  Got onto consumer affairs, told them all my issues, and they decided to be as useless as the mechanics.  Sorry but your car is old and its a problem with old cars.  No!  FUCK YOU!  My car has done 120,000 km in distance!  I've seen cars on 150k go for 12 grand!  Makes me rage.  So called mechanic back and said why am I paying since its the same issue?  He said the thing they put in is working fine so its a different issue.  I said did you check the black box.  He said yes but nothing has been recorded.  Thanks black box, you're as useless the mechanic.  He said the only way for them to find out whats wrong with it is if I can replicate.  My patience was gone.  Told him I CANT replicate it, and even if I could, the stupid internal computer is recording no fault, so all you'd see is the car TURN OFF.  Then what?  Will you know MAGICALLY whats wrong with it when the car turns off in the exact same description I've given you?   He had the modesty to at least say no.

So thats it really.  I have a car that no one can fix.  So its basically useless to me.  And I'm out 3 grand trying to repair it.  I'm hoping my luck changes and I find a job soon so I can get a new car.  For now I'm going to just roll in the garden for a while.  Maybe a poisonous snake/spider combo, coupled with an attack from a kangaroo and crocodile, will end my misery.

At least it started raining outside  The one thing that can cheer me up a little.  More storms plz.

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