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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My presents to myself

The best presents are the ones I buy myself.  Because I know exactly what I want.  But I've been waiting for the Power Loader for a stupid amount of time and today I went in and picked it up with a few other things.   I spent a couple hours shifting blurays off the shelf and putting it on another one.  Sadly I'm running out of room so the plan to throw some old stuff out is coming into affect.  Like this gamecube for example.  Oh sure it sounds harsh to want to throw something like that away.  Especially since I loved playing it about 500 times more then the wii.  It had so many amazing games.  But if I wanted to buy one today it would cost around $10-15.  Theres just NO REASON to keep it taking up space with all its cords and joypads.  Plus a bunch of other crap.  My older PC games that I already have digital copies of on steam etc are going in the bin because I do not need these damn boxes taking up so much room..  ANYWAY!  My Power Loader!!

I took my Ripley figure and stuffed it in there.  Looking good!  Once I make some room by throwing out a bunch of crap the rest of the blurays on that shelf are being moved and my other Alien/s figures are going up.  Must have my Aliens shelf.  Going to look delicious!  I also reflex bought some Holy Grail pops because I adore that film.

Hopefully they keep an eye on that vorpal Bunny!

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