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Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Breeding ground of sickness

Thats pretty much the best description I can give of my workplace.  Someone is always sick.  And not just 1 or 2.  Generally its a few.  And they are ALWAYS sick.  They stay sick for like 2-3 weeks.  When they get better, someone else has the sickness.   A couple weeks later?   You guessed it.  They're sick again.  In the almost 5 months I've been working there, everyone has been sick at least twice.  Me?  I've been managing to hold my own and not catch anything because I'm psychotic when it comes to cleanliness.  I have antibacterial wipes, hand wash, everything.  They touch something near me, wipe it down.

This week, my second last week there, everything changed.  I finally caught their diseases.  I rarely get sick.  My problem is my lack of sleep has helped me catch this.  I only get like 3-4 hours normally.  Its just how I am.  Now that I'm sick I'm waking up every hour or 2, so I'm getting even less.  All week I've felt it burn up in the evening, but the next day feel like its gone.  Today though was a whole different story.  Nose, throat, cough, all of it.  Absolutely pissed.  One of the girls at work asked me if I caught a cold off such and such.  I said no.  I've caught it off EVERYONE.  Obviously I'm not happy.

Tomorrow is friday, and I'm calling in sick because fuck it.  It'll be my first day off in 5 months compared to everyone there who have had 2-3 weeks off for sickness each.  Next weeks my last week.  And lets be honest.  Who the fuck am I even going to impress.  They're all on permanent contracts, spent large parts of the day just chatting away.  Meanwhile I'm doing my work and chatting little.  But thats just how it is.  This is how it always is for me.

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