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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Well done PC. Well done..

So by now everyone knows about my pc issues and how my motherboard finally died.  Thankfully  my friend had a spare board and let me take it to see if my pc would run again since I cant afford a new board right now.  Thankfully it worked.  Everything was going smoothly for a couple weeks until........ the video card died.

Thats right.  My card decided that today on our lord gpus 6th year of life, it was time to say fuck you and finally die.  To be fair I'm surprised its lasted this long since one of its 2 fans hasnt worked for the past couple years.  Though the temps were always good despite this..  Testament to MSI's amazing gaming series of cards.  I had planned on upgrading back when the 970 came out but couldnt afford it.  My next plan was the 1070, but again couldnt afford it.  I was hoping my aging 560Ti could make it to the end of the year in hopes I could afford it then.  Sadly I wasnt given that luxury and now I'm without a gaming computer.  The only reason I'm online at all is because the cpu has a built in graphics card.  So its fine for anything except for games.  Well, it can play some things in potato quality, but its beyond shit.  Whats sadder is my phone can handle graphics 6 times above what this joke can do.  But at least I can get on the internet and edit videos I have saved up.

Because of this set back I'm not sure when I'll be able to stream again or play anything because I really cant afford to buy anything.  I guess its good I didnt buy For Honour, since I wouldnt be able to play it.  Of course I didnt buy it because I cant afford it.  SEE A PATTERN!?

I'll just spend my time making blog posts and uploading videos to the youtube channel and also the patreon.  Keep me from snapping and shooting up the entire country.  Not that I can afford a gun.  I'll just make shooting sounds.  Probably cant afford those either.

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