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Monday, February 27, 2017

Its not even funny now!!

Most of you, or at least some of you, have known about my pc issues over the last 3-4months.  It's kept me from playing a few weeks at a time.  The previous one was my motherboard dying, which was the sole reason of all my pc issues over the past couple years.  I had planned on upgrading, not last year but the year before that, to replace my 6 year old hardware, but money was a problem.  I had placed my date for last year sometime.  Managed to finally get a job I liked, and then bam!  No more job as thats how the world seems to work for me.  So pc upgrade was shifted to this year, realistically near the end of it.

Unfortunately my motherboard decided my plan sucks and couldnt hang on any more and died around december.  Or january,  I forget.  Any way, as luck should have it my friend had a spare board that was in many ways similar to my current one so I went over his place and took it to test my system.  Thankfully all worked fine.  Obviously I still need to buy my own one, but right now I cant.

3 weeks ago by video card  decided to finally say FUCK YOU and died also.  That 560Ti had lasted me since 2011, ran plenty of games at high, it was a damn beast of a card.  Whats amazing is one of its 2 fans died a couple years back or so, and the legend kept running with pretty low temperatures still.  Truly a masterpiece of technology.  I had planned on upgrading to the 970, but again money said no.  I then planned on upgrading to the 1070 or 1080, money again said no.  So I was hoping to wait till the new cards came out this year so that the older cards would go on a better discount.  Well that plan went out the window too.

So this is the main reason you've been seeing spaced out uploads and much less streaming.  Jeds also fairly here and there because of his kid and wife, and Austins usually busy with his channel.  If all 3 of us arent on at the same time then we usually just give out couple days a week of gaming a pass.

I tried to see how long I could go before I could buy a new card and be up and running, seeing my choices with the limited money I had etc.  The cheapest decent card to upgrade to would be the 1060.  Anything below that would be a waste of money as I'd replace it in a couple years anyway.  I dont like the temporary card stuff.  I buy for long run.  I finally snapped and decided the 1060 would have to do, and the thing can go on my savings which arent much and I was hpoing to keep them aside for important stuff like bills and food until I found a new job.  This bloody back injury is taking longer than I hoped to get better so I havent been applying for things, but hopefully that will change soon.

Anyway, the 1060 in my area costs around $460  This is still a bit brutal as I had expected by now it would be lower.  I noticed amazon were having a special sale, something like 40 or or whatever, $260US.  With postage and converted into my currency, it would be around 360.  I thought that was too good to ignore.  Because it seriously is.  No way will that card be anywhere near 360 here for the next year or so.

And this is the reason why you havent seen us on, especially the last couple weeks.

Now as for the card I finally received it a week and a half ago.  I had planned on installing it and being ready the the previous weekend that just passed.  But my plans were screwed because I dont have the correct cable to connect it to my power supply which is like 8 years old or something.  Yes, most of my pc is old because I'm a poor poor POOR bastard who cant even afford a fucking disney land trip despite aiming for one over the past couple years.  But thats another story for another time.  But mark my words, I WILL ride those damn teacups before I die.

I wasnt sure what cable I needed because this card has an 8pin cable port.  My power supply has 2 6pin outputs for video cards.  So my thinking was a 6pin to 8pin cable should be fine.  But then I thought maybe it wont have enough power and might need 2x 6pin to 1 8pin cable.  My previous card had 2 6pin ports so I needed a cable from both 6pin ports on the power supply because 1 wouldnt give enough power.

Anyway I emailed my videocard creator, my powersupply creator, and a tech board I'm used to.  Tech board said 6 to 8 is all I need.  Video card said 2x6 to 8.  So I'm like ok this is going well.  PSU people?  No reply yet.  So I called them up and the lady who picked up said the tech guy, who happens to be the ONLY FUCKING TECH GUY FOR THE ENTIRE COMPANY FOR ALL AUSTRALIA, was on holiday and wont be back for a couple days.  I was absolutely stunned.  Asked her how can he be on holiday without a replacement?  She said he has a replacement, but hes not a tech guy to help me.  Pretty USELESS replacement.  I asked her if theres any other branch somewhere I can message.  She said yes, I can contact the main headquarters in taiwan.  I said brilliant, whats the email.  She gave me it then said, btw they're on a holiday there for the next couple days.  My jaw dropped.

Sp long story short, my plans for getting up and running for next weekend are completely out, and I'm hoping to make the following one after once I know wtf I'm buying.  Cable is going to cost me about $30 so yeah, I'm exactly running blindly into this.  And so because of this you wont see us for a little bit longer.  Doing my best to change this.  But I wanted to thank you all for somehow enjoying our stuff enough to want to follow and support us.  We're not super hardcore like all the other channels and streamers, but we do our best with the limited time some of us have.

Again, we love and appreciate the bloody lot of you.  Thanks for still being here with us.


  1. It has always been a shame to have technical, personal, and financial issues ruin what could be relaxing entertainment for both creators and viewers. Maybe games these days did not have enough decent 4 player coop to satisfy. Regardless, ill be eyeing twitter, YouTube until you guys bring your arses back together again. Also, Disney? Don't let the dream die :)

    1. Thanks! Though I think disney is probably 70% dead right now.