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Sunday, June 19, 2011


So my mini holiday is over, no more sick leave notes for the new week.  Back I go to joyous joy filled joy.  At least I got to do a bit while I relaxed inbetween my sickness.  Caught up ons ome tv shows, finally watched some movies too.  The Tournament was pretty entertaining.  And I FINALLY got to watch Earth Star Voyager, and old disney scifi movie way back from 1987.  Much fun.  Theres seriously something amazing about movies back in the 70s and 80s that todays films just dont have.  It was also kind of freaky seeing these actors and thinking...some of them are in their 50s now. 

Mailed off my Asus Transformer tablet for repairs.  Hopefully the fault I see in it IS a repairable thing because if its not I will totally rage.  Some issues with playing video clips that are 720p and over.  They're jerky.  Others on forums say they have the same thing and others say they dont have a problem.   I guess I'll find out in a few weeks when I get it back.  I also went in and returned the digital camera I bought a few weeks back.  I dont know if its the model or just my version, but I'm going to say its mine, but it has issues taking pictures that arent blurry.  Not just pictures but movies too.  So I returned it and traded it for the newer model that just came out recently which aside from having awesome reviews I've also hand tested it as a friend has it.  Excellent camera, good quality, even water and shockproof.  Sure it cost me $300 extra but I usually pay attention to quality/features over price.

I also FINALLY got to start playing The Witcher 2.  Its as awesome as I expected it to be.  Although my pc struggles a little with it.  I blame that on my shitty 4 year old cpu as the video card can handle that thing perfectly.  Not sure why people have been crying that its too hard or doesnt tell you how to play.  It gives plenty of ingame tips while you play.  And in the 5hours I've been playing it I only died once.  New combat is very fun.  So much character interaction.  So pretty.  I love this series, if a third comes out it'll be my no1 rpg series of choice.  Class games both of them.

My cat got a scratch on the side of his face.  Cant tell if its from a fight or something.  Fingers crossed it doesnt get infected.  But I'll be watching him like a hawk for the next few days.  The SLIGHTEST hint of swelling and I'm taking him to the vet.  Why be so stressfull cat.

Random cool picture.  This really should be how an Astro Boy movieis made.



  2. Cats are resilient. If you're really worried put some Neosporin on it :P Cats tend to not get infections from simple scratches...mainly from gashes. I wouldn't worry too much ^^;

  3. looks like the baby from dragonball gt

  4. Astro was pre-dbz by like 20 years or so.

  5. Astro boy is basically a god in Japan.

    As for your cat, I hope they're okay. I had a similar issue with my cat last week. She must've gotten in to a fight and lost.
    She couldn't open her right eye. She's only a tiny thing (growth issue from birth) with half a tail (not the luckiest of cats). I took her to the vets and it turns out her third eyelid was scratched in the fight. It didn't get infected though, like Anzel said; cats are pretty tough. ^^

  6. Totally off your topic... but you better have a birthday present for me as tomorrow I will be 17....jokes... but I will be 17

    I heard Witcher 2 isn't that good...

  7. Witcher 2 is awesome. I've seen people complaining that its too hard to play, it doesnt tell you how to play etcetc. I died once int he 6 hours I've been playing. I think people are just overly stupid and running into battle and jamming on one button expecting to win every fight. Go go 17!

    Ceda, glad to hear the cat didnt have to lose an eye.

  8. Yeah, she's one lucky cat.

    I hope your cat stays healthy mate!

  9. I don't feel any different.... have I gotten over the stage where birthdays used to make me feel like I'm growing up?