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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Captains's Log.

I been making it a habit to eat out only on rare occasions. The economy is simply to unstable to dumping $5-$6 for noms everyday. On one fateful day though a friend of mine, Mr. Andy as we will call him, asked me to just hang out with him while on his lunch hour.

So off we go! The restaurant of choice was none other than Burger King. He has a real thing for Rodeo Burgers..It wasn't till we got there did I realize the second reason I don't drive around town much..THE WOMEN.

There is just something in the water that makes most of them crazy around here.

One of these drivers is the woman I am talking about. Can you guess who? I'll give ya a hint..the truck is going to right way for a drive through.


  1. Even I have to admit...most, and I do mean most women are bad drivers (My mum for one :P)

  2. Oh my goodness. Atleast we don't have that around here(yet). Most women around here jump out of cars and attack if you cut them off.
    Seriously. It wasn't me but a car in front of me that got attacked. And it wasn't me. lol

  3. That attacked the car. Didn't finish my thought before I 'lol'ed.

  4. did you catch what it was she ordered?

  5. Maybe she's reversing and letting her passenger order?:D

  6. Maybe she is giving them food for money?

  7. I dont think woman are generally bad drivers I just think that bad woman drivers are A LOT worse than the generic bad male driver.

    Ive had 2 crashes in my life and both were the faults of the other drivers (they were both female - just saying)

  8. You should steal one of the 50 million 'wrong way' signs on a highway and put it there.

  9. >3> Psh, I'm a fucking wonderful driver...

    ...just kidding o3o I go slow sometimes, and I yell at everything with a face on the road, because I'm on a constant period that makes me mad at existance as a whole, D:

    o3o My mom's a scary driver too, and she admits being wrong even less than I do. You can imagine how this might impare her driving xDD

  10. Yep. My mum is always getting tickets for doing stupid things. Gah. Women.
    .... oh shit wait, I'm one too.