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Friday, June 17, 2011

So relaxing

 So relaxed lately.  Well as relaxed as I can get while half dead.  On wednesday after my magic previous post showing off the bin I filled up, I decided to take the next day off from work.  Good idea too because that day I was dead.  I was pretty annoyed at being so sick because of every idiot at work notstaying home when they got sick that I decided to have thursday off.  I needed a doctors note if I took 2 days off so I went and decided fuck this, tomorrow is friday, plz doctor give me a note for these 3 days.  And I got it.

So I'm having 5 days straight if you include the weekend to relax and get over my sickness.  Today I'm actually pretty good, slight sore throat, nothing else really.  So super duper.  My dad however is having his moment in the sun.  Last week he stabbed his hand on a fish when fishing.  However the last couple days his hand has been puffing up.  I told him go to the doctor.  He said his hand is fine.  I asked him if that was my hand what would he be telling me to day?  He said he'd tell me to go to the doctor. With that answer I unleashed a torrent of abuse on him to fucking act his age and go.  He went today.  Doctor said it was actually pretty serious and gave him a few injections and some pills, and to come back on monday for mor injections.  If he's lucky he wont need surgery on it.  But pretty sure they wouldnt be wasting all these pills and injections if it was serious enough for surgery so I think he'll be good in a few days.

So was chatting to jed over SMS and he mentioned he wont be finishing off the next portal clip until he completes the next comic panel.  I'm good either way because I want to see them both, but I'm actually more excited for the comic.

One thing thats been getting me through the sleepless nights since as you know when you're sick you dont really sleep too special, is a bottle of my favourite snobbish red wine.  No wI'm no drinker, I actually hate the flavour of alcohol, but this specific wine is godly.  And pretty cheap too.  Won heaps of awards, really nice smooth taste without that shitty bitter flavour.  1 glass and half hour later you're good for bed, 2 glasses and you're really happy to lie down and sleep.  Better then any shitty sleeping pills and also good for the heart.  Its true, red wine is good for your heart.  Glass a day etc.  But I rarely have any.  So yeah, friend was over yesterday who was pretty sick, told him about the wine, who my friends introduced to me back in highschool since they knew I hated alcohol, gave him a little taste and he wa stunned.  He bought a bottl eyesterday.  Pretty sure he slept good lol.  Heres a pic of it.  $12 at the store I think, australia ofcourse.

This was pretty much me after my couple glasses.  All I need is one of those snobbish red silk jackets to wear while I drink it.
My kitty keeps me company on these cold nights


  1. Your Dad stabbed his hand on a FISH? What was it, a swordfish or something? Wow.....

  2. Con, how many glasses of that wine did you have before you wrote this blog post?

  3. I mean, REALLY. "No wI'm no drinker" ????!?!?!? "bought a bottl eyesterday"!!!?!?!?!?!?!?

  4. lol I think you've been drinking. I said my friend bought the bottle.

  5. I don't think Con has been drinking, I just think he's sick. I think that's obvious.

  6. I still say Alka-Seltzer would save you. And yay, someone else sane who dislikes alcohol. ...I truly do respect that. :/

    Your cat looks like my old cat Wiley, who taught me that turkeys can fly. In the tree-tops.

  7. ironic how he hates alcohol but loves molotovs, still its respectable