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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I was amazing on the floor!

Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed 
A handsome superman, barely kept himself fed, 
Then one day he was practicing at Kung fo, 
And up through the toe came a bloody crude. 

Broken bone that is, black toe, hairline fracture. 

Well the first thing you know ol Jed's in bed, 
Kinfolk said "Jed you a stupid head!" 
Said "Don't you know it'll hurt to even fart?" 
So they loaded up the truck and went to the ER. 

Hospital, that is. Expensive, Long waits. 

Well now its time to say good by to Jed and his savings
A broken toe will be months of humiliation
You're all invited back a gain to this locality 
To have a heapin laugh at his stupidity  

Regret that is. Wearing a special shoe, cant walk it off. 

Y'all come back now, y'hear?.

Soooooo! Long story short I been taking Tang Soo Do classes everyday Saturday after work. A couple weeks back was our first contact practice (FIGHTING). I made a awesome back kick that my instructor blocked with a palm strike. Result? I broke my big toe and he broke a tinny place on  of his hand. I tested last Saturday and was ranked to a Blue Belt. 


  1. Well, get better Jed. you can use this time to read a book, draw the a landscape drawing of all the fat chicks at work, or even write a novel about your adventure in toon town. Get better should be the priority.

  2. This is the great timing to have a Tea Time, After that, our next priority is giving someone's Cream to their mother's coffee OLE!~~~

  3. The only thing you'd rank would be a kitchens apron.