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Friday, September 21, 2012

Borderlands 2

So I've been messing with Borderlands 2 lately.  Usually I wait a few months or so before I grab a new release game unless its specifically something I've wanted horribly bad.  Borderlands 2 doesnt fit this criteria but since its mostly co-op I figured I should play it now before all my friends power through it and I dont get to.  I didnt like the first game at all.  Found it horribly boring and didnt play it for long.  2 is 10 times better for sure.  Although to me so far it seems just average.  I'm sure most people will love it though.  So I'm uploading my playthrough.  Friend with me Royce, he's been in a few L4D clips and is also the guy who owns all the toys and xboxs from my toy videos.

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