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Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh fuck the universe!!!

I've always had this thing about wanting to one day visit Disney Land and ride the teacups.  Its like one of the things I want to do before I die, ride those damn teacups.  As a kid I always thought they spin and floated on top of a small lake because all the BRIEF videos I saw of it had the sky reflecting off the smooth surface of the ground that they spun on so it was always blue.  I'm not joking, I only found out a couple months ago that they do NOT spin on water.  The small child in me railed.  I'm still going to ride them.  Multiple times.  I also want to visit the castle.  I wish it was a full sized one but still, I want to see it in person so bad.

How delicious is that?  All of you that are a drives length away have no idea how lucky you are.  My friend came back in july after his american trip and he went there for the first time and said it was beyond magical.  And then I found this...

A FULL SIZED CINDERELLA REPLICA CASTLE?!?!?!?!  OMG!  And this ones at Disney World.  Like...other side of the country I think. That was it.  I needed to know if you could stay in there or at the least visit it on a tour.  And I found the only way you can stay there is via special competitions that happen now and then.  I also read that some fucking celebrities can just waltz in and stay no problem.  Fuck you disney.

The description of what you get for the full day if you win is beyond amazing.  Stay in 17th styled bedrooms, have dinner with Cinderella at a huge table, be escorted around the private grounds, just heaps of crap.  And I died a little inside knowing I'd never be able to experience this.  Heres a couple links if you're interested in what goes on during it.  First one is a short description of what you win.  The second link is by a lady who won it and described her entire experience.  My envy of her is beyond painful.

So I'm just going to cry in the corner and hope one day I reach those teacups.  And I'm positive that once I sit in them for the first time I'll magically transform back into that 7 year old who always wanted to ride them.  And the surface they spin on?  In my imagination it WILL be a lake.  You can count on that.


  1. I've been on something similar to the teacups, it was enjoyable. Sadly I don't think I'll ever go to Disney World...or anything much to be honest.

  2. Disney land was amazing. I went there all the time as a kid. Although now since I live in the UK I cannot afford to go there anymore with having to pay for everything. I hate growing up!