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Thursday, June 13, 2013

If it shits its called life

Today has been an annoyingly special day.  I wont go into details about stupidly thick my mums brain is.  I come to expect it and try my hardest not to rage and kill a baby over it.  I'm also still waiting for my shit camera to come back from repairs.  3rd time I've sent that piece of SHIT sony product back.  Life lesson learned not to buy anything other than panasonic.  Sonys always been dodgy for me.  And I mean ALWAYS.  So far its been a month and a half, never taken this long before.  Called them today and the guy is all hurrrdurrr I have to call the fix people tomorrow cause they're closed now hurrr.  Sounds like they've been closed for a month and a half!

My cat has been brilliant.  He finally got to the point where the medicine I was grinding into powder and putting into his food, he'd pretty much had enough of it.  Hates it, hardly eats and when he does he eats only some of it, so the required dose isnt doing what it should.  I've tried MANY ways to get him to take it.  But my cat is a fucking pest, a total food snob, can smell if its not right or sometimes just isnt in the mood for that food.  No shock really since I'm 100% the same.  Pets are like their owners they say.  He's totally like me.

So his infection in his gum seemed to be getting worse.  It was seeping liquid far more and started to give off this fairly rancid smell.  I decided the pills werent good enough and I wanted to start giving him injections, which is what I wanted to do from the beginning but the vet talked me into this method since it was heaps cheaper.  $40 and they last me 2 weeks.  Again, they do good if he actually eats them.  Been over a month now using them, not pleased.

So now its injections every 2 days to keep things flowing.  Lets just say 1 visit costs me $90.  We're at like $270 or something a week.  Well over a grand a month if this goes for a while.  Guess whos not working yet?  THIS GUY!  One of the vets calls me Boss.  Probably because I've funded his retirement package over the years.  So frustrating.  How I want to play Last of Us on ps3.  But I cant justify or afford its new release price tag.  I'll see a few months from now how I am.

Also here is a picture of the very rare, yet very tasty Turtle-Jed.  Its not really real.  I just put Jeds head on a turtle.  You probably couldnt tell because its such high quality effort.

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