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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Little bastard

My cat finally pissed me off so much the other day that I entertained the idea of putting him down.  Obviously I'm not going to, but I was furious. My own fault really for not being more forceful.  I woke up and tried to coax him into getting up so I could take him down for his schedule toilet break,  He sort of needs to be taken outside every 4-5 hours to keep him from doing anything inside the house.  Needless to say my sleeping has been hit in a stupid way.  So he wouldnt get up so I figured maybe he's already gone since the back door of the house was open and he can see straight to it.  My mum may have seen him go but I didnt ask since she was busy doing something.

So I went for a shower and came back out 10min later and I could hear mum saying the cat was int he kitchen and hungry and if she should feed him.  I said sure.  Walked into my room and saw a lake of urine spreading across my floor and towards my cables from my various electronic equipment.  I absolutely snapped.  Clearly despite all my parents weak arguments that they do help with him and make sure hes gone outside often was just proven wrong.  They tried to shift the blame away saying how could they know.  And they saw a side of me from all my stress and sleep deprivation that they hadnt seen ever.  Needless to say the past couple days they've been actively picking him up and taking him outside every few hours if I'm sleeping or away, which I do little of either because I'm always looking over him.  He has a litter box but refuses to use it.  I'm still trying to convince him to use it.  I'm also unsure if the frequent medication from the vets is screwing with him and making him want to go often.  He used to only go a couple times a day.  Now its like 4 times.

I then spent the next 2 hours furiously cleaning and scrubbing the floor repeatedly and the cables as well.  My arms were almost numb. Antiseptic  coated that floor.  So right now I cant smell any urine smell.  My brain thinks it can, but its so faint and so intermittent that I'm passing that off as paranoia, otherwise it would be a constant smell.  I plan to give it a once over again probably tomorrow just to ease my mind.

I did cheer myself up by going to a new Ramen place that opened up recently.  I was expecting shit but it was surprisingly good and thats pretty rare.  I went again today but they were out of the broth I wanted so I raged and binged on food from 2 other places.  Some people binge eat when they're depressed.  I binge eat when the food I want isnt available.

Also discovered a pretty cool show lately.  If you enjoy the ghost type shows, this ones called The Dead Files.  Its up to is 5th season and I havent been able to find any links anywhere pointing out if they'd done anything fake like say those retards at ghost hunters, so that was a positive.  Usually the fakes get called out by now.  The show is about a retired detective and a psychic.  They both do different things.  When they get called out to the place, she goes in and sees what she can pick up on, and the cop guy goes and digs up information on the place, then they get together at the end and share their findings with each other and the person that asked them to come.  Its pretty cool.  The psychic girl is pretty weird.  They had this interview where when they were approached by the studio for this show, the psychic said she refuses to be told anything about the place before hand or she wont do it, and the cop guy said if he thinks someones lying to him he'll call them out since he has a 25 year reputation in the force to keep.  So they seem pretty good.  Thumbs up.

No photoshopped picture of Jed this time.  Maybe next.

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