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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Screw you Robotech gods!

Any one who knows me well enough knows I have 3 addictions.  The Little Mermaid, Alien movie series, and the 80's version of Robotech/Macross.  So imagine my absolute horror and delight to find out a new Robotech dvd set was released a couple months ago.   Why horror?  because I have to impulse buy this shit.

Ignoring a few stand alone dvds of the original Robotech series, I also have 3 different complete sets.

-Robotech 20th Anniversary Remastered Extended Edition, 2005

Robotech: The Protoculture Collection, 2007

And Robotech The Complete Series, 2011

Each time it came out it had better picture quality and more extras.  And each one is from a different company.  So whats happened now?  Well this bastard came out 2 months ago...

More discs, everything from before, and new extras specially done for this set.  Plus the cover is super cool.  I seriously wish the bastards would convert this shit to bluray already since it needs a complete remastaering, but thats probably not going to happen.  If it does it wont be for a long time yet.  So yeah, I cant NOT buy this and make all my previous ones null and void.  I did the exact same thing with the Aliens movies.  3 damn collection sets of that one.  Luckily theres no way they'll upstage the brilliant bluray Anthology set.  I really shouldnt be buying this updated robotech set because of MONEY reasons, but logic goes out the window when it comes to this.

What do I do with the older sets?  Fuck knows.  Maybe I'll try sell them off later.  Might earn enough from them to pay off the new set if I'm lucky.  But I'm also slack when it comes to selling stuff.

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