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Friday, January 10, 2014

Marvel and DC and snore

So the other day I was talking with a friend and we got onto the subject of marvels latest upcoming story.  In it the Watcher has been killed and the Avengers and others need to find out who did it.  I thought it was a boring idea.  Its sort of been done before.  But anyway, I solved it by saying Arrow, from DC, killed him.  He was angry at not having his own villains in his tv show and just always using Batmans, because Arrow is shit.  So he shot the Watcher.  We'd also finished watching an Adventure Time episode where Finn needs to get armour so he doesnt get hurt.  So I made a joke about the Watcher stealing Galactus' helmet so he can be protected forever from headshots.  And then I drew the comic strip to humour myself.  Good luck reading my hastily scribbled hieroglyphics!

If any one out there is awesome at flash animation and can do stuff like the Baman and Piderman stuff, feel free to animate all my shitty comics I think up!  Cause I have plenty of shit!  btw That last one with superman, he says I am dead, to the sun I go to heal.


  1. I can do flash animations but I think I'll be laughing too hard to do it seriously XD.