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Monday, May 12, 2014

WEMB/GFY format is awesome

Jed decided to show me something useful for once.  Its a pretty cool new format that lets you convert video clips into animated gif files.  This new HTML5 version is so much better than a normal animated gif.  The link below shows an example of a retard kid being mauled by a cat, deservedly so, but you'll notice one is over 4mb in size and the other is over 200kb in size.  Very very cool.  You can also embed them and they act like a video with pause and rewind etc.  Even have sound too.  Theres a little drop down red arrow on the right image that gives you options.  This sort of thing will be awesome for blogs.  Now you can put up little clips you didnt want on youtube and they'll load straight away instead of slow and shit like youtube does sometimes.

And heres one with sound

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