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Monday, May 19, 2014

RIP H.R. Giger

A few days ago the guy who created the amazing look of the Alien creature died.  Some sort of accidental fall, not much info.  He was 74.  I've been a huge fan of his art for years, though mainly because of Alien.  For those who dont know the details of how that actually happened, him creating the look, it was Dan O'Bannon who wrote the story for Alien.  When they decided it would be turned into a movie they looked all over the place for an artist to create what it would look like.  They had some failed ideas and stuff, but later came upon a design by Giger.

So they asked him to change the design some, maybe remove some of the penis bits and stuff, and he did some drafts till they finally came to the final look.  The eggs as well he designed and were also changed some too. It didnt open up in 4 folds originally but 2, making it look like a giant vagina.   The facehugger is also pretty amusing as it still looks like a vagina underneath.  In fact if you pay attention throughout the whole film you'll find more penises and vagina designs in the monsters, the alien ships and doorways etc.  Its one big giant porno lol.

It's no surprise the Alien was voted the most scariest horror monster ever created in a movie.    The only thing that could scare me as an 8 year old.  That and the Dark Crystal film.  Otherwise nothing made me budge.  Thats whats wrong with todays kids.  They watch all these 3D animated cartoons and little else.  Put something slightly scary and they wet themselves.  The Neverending Story?  Good fucking chance getting most kids to sit through that without them running off crying.  All I want to do is get the kids my mum babysits, lock them in a room, and put Alien on.  The boy is 10, he should be able to handle it.  But nope!  I'd be arrested instead of treated like a hero.  Useless generation!

I always have trouble picking which movie I love the most, Alien or Aliens.  I do know they're both my top 2 favourite films ever.  And the Alien creature from the first film is my favourite of all the designs.  Thanks O'Bannon and Giger for making my childhood so entertaining.

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