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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Trip to the cinema

So today I went to check out X-Men Days of Future Past with my friend Royce.   You'll recall hes the one who owns the billions of toys that show up in some of my toy clips.  So imagine our surprise when we got there and were greeted with this!

Absolutely EMPTY in the cinema section we went into.  Thats Royce at the top.  It was fairly dark and my iphone is no panasonic so I've done my best here.  We went in the afternoon when its quiet.  Sidestep majority of the annoying kids and douches and stuff.  So we thought excellent, now we'll be able to chat normally during the movie for fun.  A little while later in walks 2 people and sit themselves a couple rows in front of us.  Saddened by this we slouched in our chairs and mumbled.  A few minutes later another guy comes in and goes a couple rows behind us.  That was about it.

The intro credits begin and everything goes dark!  Once the credits are over I notice this strange sound.  It takes a little but I realize its someone snoring.  The guy behind us had fallen asleep..  Like INSTANT sleep.  His snoring wasnt loud, but it was audible.  And it was hard not to laugh about it.  This went through the entire film with slight empty periods where there was no snoring.  Probably rolling slightly in his chair.  But it was a pretty solid attempt at snoring through the entire film.  And then we finally come to the end credits.  BOOM!  This legend suddenly stands up and makes a bee line straight for the exit!  Like a man possessed!  I found that pretty impressive.  Intro credits, zzzzzzz, end credits BOLT.   Best money hes ever fucking spent.

As for the actual movie, yeah I enjoyed it.  X-Men 2 was better though.