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Friday, November 28, 2014

Remove ads from Skype

So I finally got pissed off enough to look this up.  I remember doing it a few times in the past but nothing really worked properly.  But I stumbled across this method that removes the stupid ad on the top of the program.  Go to your hosts file which is usually located here-


Open it up with Notepad.  You'll probably need administration access if it refuses you.  Just right click and open as administrator if you get that problem.  Then paste this into it at the bottom and save.  Restart skype.  The top will be GONE!

# Skype Ads Blocker
# End Skype Ads Blocker

Other then that fun little but of info, I've been attempting to uploading multiple videos at a time to try and get rid of these ones that I've already got edited so I can delete them.  Sadly when you upload at 90k/s, these 1gb files usually take 4 hours.  Upload 2, thats 8 hours.  Upload 2, and youtube breaks for me and doesnt upload 1.  So I feel like just ignoring everything for a bit.

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