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Friday, November 21, 2014

Finally came in

So the last thing I was waiting to get in the mail finally came in.  I'm hoping in the next few days I can sit down and do this little video so I can stick the one in that Jed sent me and finally upload it.  So fingers crossed sometime next week it'll be uploaded and I can get it out of the way.  Speaking of getting things out of the way, I'm going to be hammering up a bunch of videos from previous gameplays that are sitting on my pc and pissing me off.  I've noticed youtube isnt changing in any way and my channel remains permanently broken forever.  It's absolutely not worth the time I put into that channel to watch it go backwards without a way of fixing it.  I'm behind in way too many games that I could be playing instead of editing videos.  So yeah, come january I'll be uploading much much much less.  I definitely wont be doing any lets plays thats for sure, unless its a co-op game with Jed and its mind blowing.

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