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Friday, April 8, 2016

What its like to get slapped twice in one day by God

Its a real bitch!  But I didnt need to tell you that I'm sure.  The other day I came across something that I never expected to see.  A figure designed from one of my all time favourite manga/anime series from the mid 80s.  Kimagure Orange Road.  I absolutely adore this series and no matter how many years pass I still have tears of joy streaming down my face whenever I listen to the music.  Proper tears!  I fucking love this series so much.  So how floored was I when I saw THIS?!

Out of the blue BAM!  Madoka figure!  And the bikini is even a design from the series too.  Right now I'm in the negatives when it comes to money.  Like, really shouldnt be spending money on anything.  But this is a special rare time where I will absolutely smash myself more into debt because my soul will be crushed if I cant have this.  So with this knowledge I clicked BUY and then yelled at the sky!  FUCK YOU GOD!  IM GETTING IT!

And then I heard a laugh.  A mighty laugh as I stumbled across this....

Two?  TWO?!?!!  A mid 80s show suddenly gets TWO for no reason!  And thats when I realized that laugh was god.  He knew I wouldnt pass up the first one, but decided no, I'm going to break him.  And then there were two.  Even I know my limits.  I definitely can not afford this right now.   I have been beaten.  Thankfully this one doesnt come out till september, supposedly, so hopefully it wont sell out before I can get the money together for it like the first one, which is sold out almost everywhere and not out till the end of the month.  A little surprised they went with 2 bikini's and not something different.  I tell you if they release the 3 characters together I'm going to go absolutely mental and probably kill someone for money.

I wasted some time on youtube listening to the intros again since my dvds are stored away and I'm too lazy to get them.  And I remembered a few years ago they released a higher quality DVD set of it.  I wanted to know if they went a step further and did a bluray conversion so my future self could get this and whore through it again for a 4th time.  But no.  There are no blurays.  So I messaged Animeigo about it since they've recently done some bluray conversions of a few 80s anime and thats when the second slap smashed my face.

So I'm off to cry in the corner of a random room.

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