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Friday, April 15, 2016

Somethings trolling me

So the other day my car wouldnt start.  Thats right, my new car that I replaced my old dysfunctional car which wouldnt stay on.  It was doing the classic sound of the battery being flat.  But when I tried to jump start it with the usual ways nothing would work.  Even my dad, who thought I was doing it wrong, lined up the jumper leads and still the car wouldnt start.   Called in a towing guy who was 2 hours late because some retard decided to smash themselves in peak hour traffic, gave them $100 to take it and away he went.

So the people call me back and tell me....that the battery was flat and they jump started it first try.  How the fuck.  How the actual fuck!  Between my dad and myself we've owned half a dozen cars over the past 40 years.  Jump starting a car is childs play.  But oh no.  The god of cars has his eye on me, and hes being an absolute douche.  I should probably make a nickname for him since hes been stalking me for the past year.  But I cant think up anything better than cuntface.

Also a bunch of videos ont he Last Weeks Special channel that I cant be bothered linking to because I just cant.  And feel free to watch my Oneechanbara twitch stream on the LWS twitter channel since its archived there for now.  Swords and boobs, cant go wrong.


  1. Tough luck with the new car. Did they mention one of the cells might be dead in the battery and it may need to be completely replaced. Also, I would have them check to make sure something isn't pulling a lot of electricity when the car is off.

    Good luck!

    1. They said they'd look but didnt say anything after so I guess they didnt find anything. I'm going to pass it off as a fluke. They had the car for like 4months and it didnt do anything weird. I guess it just ran its course and needed replacing. Now if it dies again in a couple months, which I dont expect it to, then I'll know somethings wrong. So fingers crossed I dont get to that bad future.