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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Good and Bad

So this week has been productive.   Finally had a job interview in a branch of the government that I've been trying to get to for years.  Thankfully I had a little help in getting it since I have a friend that works there and is in the recruiting section also.  Funny thing about Australia, or maybe everywhere I guess as I expect people dont like saying it, the government sector here is heavily biased towards women.  People like to scoff when I say this but any time I tell them to go to an office and start counting the employees to see the male to female ratio, they refuse.  Probably because they dont like reality  going against what they believe.

Any way, before I went in I asked her on the phone how many guys are in her section, just for fun.  She said 0.  That actually surprised me since I was expecting 2-4 out of a couple dozen.  But yeah, 0.  So I get there and around the buildings outside I just see women.  People walking out of the buildings, women.  People getting out of cars, women.  Not going to lie, I felt a little weird.  Like I'd just stumbled into an amazonian settlement.  She left me inside and it was her and 2 other women interviewing me.  She didnt ask any questions thankfully and I'm guessing she told her boss and the other lady she wouldnt because it would just get way too awkward.  Everything went fine and out the door I went.   Now heres the super funny bit.  As I step out the door of the building someone calls to me.  Its a man.  It also happens to be a friend I hadnt seen in over 15 years.  So that pretty much floored me.

So by next friday I should find out whether I'll be working in an office thats completely filled with women.  Not gonna lie, my biggest fear will be if multiple girls have synchronized PMS days.  Pray for me...

Also I cut myself earlier when shaving.  Just a small cut.  But this cut is the douche of all cuts.  It just WONT stop bleeding.  I pressed a tissue to it for a while, nothing.  Did that dodgy cut a little piece of tissue and stick it to it, pulled it off after 20min, still bleeding.  So I firmly pressed a tissue to my face for an hour.  The area went numb.  The bleeding has finally stopped.  Will do my best not to make any suddeny facial motions till tomorrow.  Luckily I'll be going to sleep soon so I should be good.  Wont shave tomorrow to allow it to heal a bit more.  Maybe I'll leave it for a couple days.  Stupid thing!  I should laser my face so I never have to shave again.  Again, pray for me.


  1. An office full of women? You have my sympathy. God speed.

    Report back in a few days and if we haven't heard from you by then we're going to assume the worse and pull out.

  2. Wow good luck! So happy you got an interview

    1. Thank you! Supposedly I already have the position locked in. They're just waiting on the paper work etc. But to be honest until I'm actually in the office, I'll stay slightly sceptical. Because thats how my luck has been for the past few years.

    2. Don't worry Mr. Con I have faith that this will be different. I've been enjoying the gameplays as well. Best of luck =)