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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Eeeeee new star trek series!

So excited!  You know people used to ask me what do I like more, star trek or star wars.  I really couldnt say since I like scifi lots and I'm pretty much there if theres space ships etc.  Then I look over and notice my ST Original series bluray set, TNG bluray set, and the Enterprise bluray set.  Plus all the movies and the new movies too.  And despite liking star wars, well some of them, I dont own anything except a storm trooper pop figure.  Still didnt really click.  Then I saw the teaser for the new star trek tv series and omg I got super excited.  So I guess I prefer star trek.  Mind you its unfair to compare since its a tv series which means theres heaps more enjoyment.  I mean I've loved the Clone Wars and now Rebels star wars series.  Yeah, I think I like quantity.  With lasers.

At the moment I'm putting together some tiers for the new patreon...uh...tiers.  To be honest I'm completely unsure about a couple of them, but oh well.  The 3 of us have come up with some ideas to start off with and we'll probably alter and add stuff down the track via feedback from everyone.

So I wanted to take a moment and bring up some crap news.  Jeds car absolutely died the other day.  Needless to say he's feeling pretty bummed out over it which is no surprise.  Now this wouldnt be such a big issue if he wasnt already paying off an obscenely high hospital bill he was saddled with when the doctors almost accidentally killed his wife during child birth because they're fucking inept at their jobs.  But thats something to rant about over another time.

Anyway, one thing about Jed and myself is that we dont like to ask for help from others.  We're too proud and stubborn and set in our ways.  So I'm going to do this for him, despite being uncomfortable about it, because I'm a bro.  And bros do things for bros.  Even when it isnt a safe or smart thing to do.  Tag-Rock throwing in the part, asked my friends?  SURE I replied!

So if anyone wants to offer Jed any help by donating a few dollars to help him out with his car troubles, that would be beyond amazing.  You can either click the button here or any of the donate options on the youtube page or twitch channel.  I'm sure he'll personally thank anyone who donates, after I get a little bit of an earful from his prideful loud outside voice for doing this.  I'll be hearing it any way since I'll be tossing him my share of the patreon money for the next couple months or so to help him out since I'm not working currently and thats the best I can manage.  But yeah, thanks for any support with this.  And bless your little pretty faces.

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