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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

PC scared me

The other night my pc did something very special.   It froze.  Its been quite a while since it last did that so it was a bit of a surprise.  But it was a hard freeze.  So I had to hold the power button down for a while and hard reset.  Half hour later or so, it froze again.  This time when I restarted it the thing did something frightening.  It would load for 3seconds, make a little beep, then reset.  And continue until I hard reset it.  It just wouldnt stop this cycle.  So I'm thinking omg what if my motherboard or cpu is finally dead.  I mean this pc is getting on in years.  Maybe if I'm lucky its the ram.  But its hard to pinpoint.

So the next day I got up and took the system outside, used a hairdryer to blow out as much dust as I could.  Figured a good clean would be worth it since its been ages.  After that my plan was to remove everything and plug them in one at a time to see what might be broken.  Removed the video card and unplugged the hdds inside.  I know my SSD drive is faulty so that was in the back of my mind,  Decided to be a liiiiiittle lazy and leave the cpu and ram in.  Turned it on, worked fine.  There goes my original theory of mboard, ram, or possibly cpu being broken.  Plugged the hdd in, turned on again fine.  Plugged in all my hdds and the system still turned on without a problem.

So now I'm wondering wtf could of caused this.  I have a suspicion one of my front usb slots could be faulty.  Could have caused the reset and then some kind of weird...SOMETHING.  I'll be avoiding that slot from now on and seeing if it'll happen again.

One thing I discovered though was 1 of the 2 fans on my video card doesnt spin anymore.  Not going to lie, I knew -A- fan in my system was having issues since I'd hear it whirr everytime I turned my pc on.  But couldnt figure out which one it was.  Havent heard the sound in a while now.   I guess I know why.  I did decide to check my computers temps just to be on the safe side.  CPU and GPU temps were fine even after playing games for a couple hours.  So that was encouraging.

Will admit I was a little frustrated before all this since I thought I'd have to buy a new system.  Mainly because its just getting so old. I  mean a 560ti video card is like 5 years old.  Everything else inside even older.  The annoying thing is I definitely cant afford it right now so I was preparing to go into a vicious amount of debt.  But thankfully I'm sparred this for a little while longer.  Lets see how far I can go.  With luck, another year. By then I'll be needing to upgrade for sure.  Most games run quite well on high.  Some on max, some on medium.  But come next year I think I may start to struggle.

But yeah.  Things are positive for the moment.

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  1. Funny thing is I have faulty USB slots too. Sometimes whenever I plug something into them, it makes my PC bluescreen.