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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Disney is done

So I finally got all the disney statues I REALLY wanted.  Passed on a few because of the standard reasons like lack of space, lack of money, only a big fan of a few select characters instead of the entire range, etcetc.  I went after the 3 main ones I love.  Ariel, Maleficent, and Belle.  I got a couple others like Aurora and Anna because I loved those designs of them, and an Elsa that actually looked good so Anna wouldnt feel alone.  She wouldnt though since she has Ariel to keep her company.  Anyway here it is!

I uploaded a picture of them earlier but I wasnt happy with the layout so I tweaked it some, which is shown here.  I wish my camera wasnt so shit so I could catch all the details.  For that I'll need to photograph everything up close one by one.  For some reason the light in my room, despite being disgustingly bright, cameras seem to hate it.  Cant figure it out.  I'll most likely make a video showing off each one in detail which I'll upload to the patreon for those interested in it.  Can't wait to get a better camera.  But that wont be for a while yet.  Money isnt my friend currently and the ones I am interested in arent out yet.

Clearly my favourite is Ariel.  Thats a given since shes the best.  The large Maleficent I have wanted for a very long time.  I love the classic animated look and this statue was amazing.  I only got the Jolieficent one because I thought the design for it was excellent.  Plus she was awesome as her.  Still PISSED they turned the greatest villain disney had into a good character, but I still enjoyed the movie heaps.  I just see it as an alternate reality version of her.  She doesnt need a love story to show why shes evil.  Shes just evil.  Theres no other reason other than she just wants to fuck the entire world over.

Had I not gotten a job recently half of those statues wouldnt be mine today and I would of just sulked at missing more things I really wanted.  Still furious over the Thor statue I missed out on years back.  Makes me cry.  I still get it if I'm prepared to pay $400 more its going price on ebay.  Cause fuck resellers.

The beauty and the best one in the lower left corner thats on a little stand, thats also a music box which I thought was pretty cool.  I was also not expecting the top left one of her to be so huge when it came in.  I'm just glad I could fit them all onto my shelves. Dont think I'll collect any more for a long time since I've taken up 2 shelves already.  They'll have to be something special.  But I'm still prepared to buy more Ariels since I'm biased to the core for her.

Now that I'm done I'll have to work on my Alien shelf.  Bit annoyed I need to wait till september for a couple things to come out that I need badly to complete my childhood wants.  Plus Hot Toys Ripley end of the year.  Cant wait.  But yeah, getting that 1 step closer to looking around my room and just seeing happiness all around.

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