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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I really should update more

So I took a little break.  22rd of last month was 3 years to the day my cat passed.  So I was in my own little world for the past few weeks.  The only reason I didnt go completely catatonic like I usually do is because I've been working so slightly distracted.  Sadly its affected my concentration at work and my level of stuffs have been a little mediocre.  Will be snapping out of it after this week and going for gold.  The one irritating thing about work is that I'm having to be around people.  And you all know how I just loathe that.  For the first time in many years I've found myself thinking maybe a girlfriend might be a good idea.  Bullshit right?  This isnt me.  Need to do something about this new broken thinking.

One thing I must share is one of my trainers at work Sonia, in the middle of being trained she said she thought I was familiar when she first saw me and then said its because she saw my blog years back.  Obviously this floored me.  She mentioned about the update long ago where myself and a couple friends cosplayed as GI Joe characters, and then said she was into cosplaying and creating her own outfits.  I mean I know quite a few cosplayers, but I didnt know anyone who actually made outfits so this was very cool.  I checked out her blog and found this.

She made that.  Ridiculous talent right?  Looks completely professional.  The most I ever managed to create out of a needle and thread was a pillow case.  And I dont think it could be described as a pillow case.  Thats far too flattering for it.  She also does things like this for childrens parties...

Tell me that doesnt just blow your mind.  Balloon characters.  First thing that came to mind was the character Skuld.  But thats me.  Right now she isnt doing much of these types of things cause shes about to have a baby, which is pretty amazing.  So she'll be taking a break for a bit.  If you want to see her blog heres the link-

So whats new with me...  Oh, I got a new addition to my Ariel family.

I've also finally done it.  After 5+ years of looking for a camera, I have finally chosen one.  Had my eye on it before it came out, and the reviews and features sold it for me.  And this is after watching many videos, looking and reading many website reviews and photo displays etc, no rushing into this.   Its the Panasonic GX85.  The deal came with 3 lenses which was super good and saved me like probably $400.  Pretty good considering it only came out in April.  Sadly they havent sent it yet and its been over a week.  Most likely stock issues.  Very frustrating because I need this damn thing.  I need to learn it inside out so I can start taking some cool pictures and be prepared for Disney Land/World  next year.  Again, only happening if I dont lose my job by then.  So you never know really.

Anyway almost 1am and I have to be up in 5 hours.  I'll add more possibly tomorrow.  As well as upload a new video.  By tomorrow I pretty much mean tonight.  No promises cause I'm shit at keeping time.


  1. That Sonia chick sounds rad :)
    Thanks for the nice write-up! I logged into Blogger for the first time in a while and saw yours pop up. I might go ahead to do a blog post myself... ha!

    Sorry to hear about what happened with work too - such is the nature of the beast :(

    1. Hey good to hear from you! Yeah the work thing was dumb but I saw it coming a month before they said anything. It was blatantly obvious. Looking forward to seeing your new creations. That Moana was excellent!